Sunday, December 14, 2014

when christmas came to town

so, we decorated for christmas before thanksgiving this year.  
judge accordingly. 

i'm sure that one year pulling out our jesse tree and all of our nativity scenes and the piles of christmas books won't be as magical and so i'm relishing in the wonder of it all through their little eyes. 

the girls were legit garland helpers this year.  

the village!  
i have a million memories of staring at our village as a kid and imagining what was happening in all of the stores and houses.  i created stories for each little ceramic person. :)  

setting out our willow tree nativity scene.

we spent a couple nights up at ed and nancy's over thanksgiving.  

we went on a little hike in black forest after our big turkey dinner, the girls fell in love with this baby christmas tree!

and oh my word, going to bass pro shop was like disney land!  free picture with santa, free key chain from an elf, free sling shot practice, free remote control jeep practice, free fudge and they even sent us home with coloring sheets and little ceramic gingerbread ornaments to decorate.  such a highlight! 

we are pretty strict about electronics at our house so it was fun to let them play grandpa's ipad on thanksgiving together.  peaceful. ;)

i know it's chaotic right now.
there really is so much to do.  so much we WANT to do.
please say no to all that you can.  light a candle.  sit by the christmas tree a little longer tonight.

doing all of the christmas traditions and doing them perfectly are vastly different things.  baking cookies and wrapping presents the pinterest way is completely overrated.  let christmas be messy. there is so much joy in the mess.

don't let chistmas ruin CHRISTMAS for you this year.

God with us.
hope is here.

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