Saturday, January 3, 2015

family pictures: studio

we had a quick 20 minute photo session with julia morgan around thanksgiving. 

she got some great shots in such a short amount of time!

just what we needed to surprise the grandmas with new photos for their frames. 

 my striped shirt selection emphasized the ol' pooch. 
no, i'm not pregnant. 

this is the one we ended up giving to family and friends.  
i LOVE this pic.  the kids each have their REAL smile! 
makes me so happy.
and ashton is covering the pooch, so that's good too!

 cute boys. 
dave got one of these for his office. 

 isn't avery's pose in this fantastic? 
little model. 

thank you, julia!

she is great, so fun and easy to work with.


Julia Morgan said...

Thank YOU Mandy, you guys are so adorable! Thanks for being the most perfect clients ever ;)

Melissa said...

Really fantastic shots, Mandy! Hang them all over your house :)