Wednesday, January 21, 2015

if i were mary poppins

we've had so much snow this year already.  i just love it so much.

the girls did have their school day today, though the roads are bad and getting worse.
we had a dusting this morning, but it's dumped a good 3-5 more throughout the morning.  

my knight in shining armor. 

there is lots of schooling go on around here.

the kids and i have gotten into a pretty good groove and it feels great.
 my mantra has been 
"strict and kind"
i tell myself that all day long!  and the kids, too.
i ask them, "what would strict and kind mommy do?"
it's kind of hilarious, but there is so much truth in the fact that when i expect MUCH of them, they rise to it.  and when they rise to it, it is easier for me to be the kind and fun mommy i want to be.

strict and kind.  they kind of go hand and hand.
just like mary poppins. ;)


thursdays are avery's day to make us all breakfast. 
kids getting older really is a beautiful thing. 

rightstart math level c came in the mail!
she is very excited about her calculator.


we took the kids to park meadows mall last saturday.
we introduced them to the wonderful world of the FOOD COURT, and the DISNEY STORE.  
we did not venture into the american girl store yet. 

ian sporting his kiwi crate creation from our ghana cousins!

and this bag has changed my life!  i got it for christmas from dave's parents.  it's a 31 bag and i filled it will all of our essential day to day homeschool stuff.

i LOVE it.  it saves me so much time.  i can carry it around the house and i don't have to go from drawer to bookshelf to cabinet retrieving all of the things we need.  it's wonderful!

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Miss G said...

I have been LOVING looking out the windows today! The snow has been absolutely gorgeous!! Strict and kind. I like that! The bag is a good idea too! I will file that away! Thanks. Kelly