Thursday, January 8, 2015

the tale of two jelly fish

sometimes i'm all, 


when i get overwhelmed and worried and start comparing, i become a complete school crazed natzi.
my kids love it.

but sometimes i pour myself another cup of coffee and watch the magic of learning through play unfold before my very eyes.

it is truly a magical thing.

today, avery writes and performs plays for her brother and sister.  the puppet stars in these plays are jelly fish that she created from her kiwi crate shipped to us all the way from ghana, africa from our adoring cousins and aunt and uncle.  i know, i know! they are just as amazing as they sound.

named by their creator, lazy and daisy wiggle are the cutest little jelly fish you ever did see. 

this picture is a beautiful reminder of a quote that i have often seen and always adored,

"never let their school get in the way of their education."

amen and amen and amen.

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Miss G said...

Oh wonderful, wonderful quote!!! Love this too! Kelly