Thursday, March 19, 2015

the one about becky and diana

i had the honor of inviting becky straw, co-founder of the adventure project into our home last sunday. 

this lady labors tirelessly for the sake of hope in the form of jobs across the world. 

i've supported tap for four years now and so it was awesome to have her in our home and to be able to hug her neck and tell her "thank you" for all the work she is doing.

there were some pretty exciting things that happened that morning.  i'm not able to fully share our secret until world water day, but let's just say i was shocked and renewed in my passion for what we are doing in uganda.

becky and i sat face to face and talked through diana's story together.  you do remember her story, right?

UNITED FOR CLEAN WATER IN UGANDA from The Adventure Project on Vimeo.

she was four when the well in her village broke down.

and diana decided that when she grew up she would be the one to figure out how to fix her well.

and she did.

a church in scotland sponsored her education, she got her engineering degree and is now back in uganda living out a dream that was birthed in her little four year old heart.  she is training well mechanics, providing life-giving water and hope-giving jobs.

she is quite literally living out isaiah 58.

she is working toward the funding of ten more wells this spring.
this raffle is fighting for two of those wells.

and you guys, the sunday surprise? it was amazing.  i can not wait to share it with you.

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