Sunday, March 29, 2015

vote for tap and grandma turns 90

i am still amazed at what God did with the raffle this year. 
amazeballs.  i cannot believe it.  

here is avery drawing the  name for the horse books. all the others we did randomly on the computer, but she really wanted to draw for hers.  

the adventure project is changing how we give.  they are letting us partner with them in extraordinary work.  here is where you vote for the the adventure project to win the DVF awards.
 if you haven't done it yet, take a few seconds to vote for them.  it could mean big things for diana and for several entrepreneurs like her. voting ends TONIGHT.


during the craziness of raffle week, a bunch of my beautiful family came to colorado to help us celebrate gg elaine's 90th birthday.

these two have always had a special relationship.

everyone stayed in this ginormous house and it was so very special to all be gathered around this giant table together.

love these two cousins of mine!

and this little tribe of second cousins all got along so well.  there was always a game of hide and seek going on in the halls and rooms of that great big house.  

we took all the kids to mine for gold at the garden of the gods trading post.  that was SO fun.  really worth the 7 dollars, in my opinion.  my kids loved it.

our wonderful mom/grandma/great grandma treated us all to brunch at Cheyenne Mountain Conference Center.  it was yummo.


4 of the grandkids!

and 7 of the great-grandkids. 

the most special part of the entire weekend was sharing memories and stories about grandma.  it was a beautiful hour or so and then we watched a slide show from grandma's life that sarah had made.  a wonderful night.

i'm very thankful for those few days celebrating my grandma.  i'm so blessed by her life and legacy.

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