Wednesday, May 13, 2015

the one about imagination

the rain falls steady outside.  the dark of the afternoon storm begs for coffee and quiet reading hour.

big sis teaching little sis the very grown up act of tying her own shoes. 

the books that sit beside me are stirring up all sorts of emotion and soul energy.  i come alive while reading these thoughts on story, on fairy tale, on awakening an imagination within in a young child that forms their soul toward truth, toward goodness and toward beauty.

fraction fun

i listened to andrew pudewa speak on the role that fairy tales play in developing the moral imagination a few days ago and his words continue to echo around in my mind and heart.

a serious lego boy. and handsome i might add.

he brings to light a beautiful truth that fairy tales can form souls to believe in the beautiful, very real place that we call God's Kingdom, Heaven.

math card games.  go to the dump is a favorite. 

and it's not just for young souls either, i'm finding myself reawakened to the reality that God's Kingdom will come.  it is coming.  it's just too fantastic for words.

used book store finds. 

our hearts were created and formed to long for the imagined tales that take place in the land of make believe.

star wars figures and a stack of picture books.  deep sigh.  i love him so.

where Kings are good and kind and strong and brave and they sacrifice for their people and their people sacrifice for them.

our ninja/knight protecting avery and i while we do math. 

where kindness has magic and good defeats evil.
where dreams come true.

he wore this mask during our entire 30 minute walk. 
thanks, gigi!

where unexpected, supernatural things can and do happen.
where there really and truly is a happily ever after.

ashton finishes right start level A

i feel it so profoundly.
the deep truth bound inside fairy tales echoing inside the chambers of my heart.

being read to while i make dinner. savor. 

we went to see the new cinderella and it was beautiful.  the very last line of the movie was incredibly moving to me.

right before the movie

"and cinderella continued to see the world, not how it was, but how it could be."

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