Monday, August 3, 2015

our old friends

getting reacquainted with our good old friends, routine and schedule, today.

you know what's amazing to me?

it may feel like routines and schedules trap you in, bog you down and cramp your style.

i'm reading heidi to the kids at lunch. ohmyword, i love it! how have i not read this before? 

  they sure look like boring task masters from the outside, but that's just a disguise.

it's so much fun to use sidewalk chalk after it rains. 
that's my rainbow, folks. 
and we all know that blue birds fly over the rainbow. :)

 because routine very earnestly lavishes freedom...

 and schedule so humbly offers peace.

ahhh.  just what we needed on this fine day.

1 comment :

Unknown said...

Such a great post and a good reminder as we wrap up the summer! Thank you, Mandy! Kelly

p.s. what a lovely vintage copy of Heidi to be reading from!!! I scored some fun vintage books at garage sales a couple of weekends ago.