Wednesday, August 26, 2015

the one where i threw up on the first day of school

well, this week has been just a tad bit interesting.

i taught my sweet preschoolers at church sunday morning and during the last ten minutes i started to feel pretty messed up.

i had a fever when i got home and pretty much parked myself on the couch for the rest of the day.  

i had been planning and preparing for monday to be our first day of houle school and was really excited and beyond ready to get started and so monday morning, after i noticed nasty white stuff on the back of my throat indicating strep, i took a deep breath, used a watercolor paint brush to put thieves and cayenne pepper on the back of my throat and began our very first morning of our fall 2015 schedule.  

the girls were so adorable.  i told them if they finished morning routine quickly, they could work in their planners until breakfast.  they are very studious on the first day.  i'm sure this dedication will change in, say, a week.  :)

my adorable students. 

we opened our school supplies. 

and then got started with our morning time.  

i think it was after morning time that i decided to put lavender essential oil on the back of my throat while the kids were doing chores. it's funny, because i can handle the thieves and the cayenne okay.  they are both strong and burn a little bit, but it's not unmanageable.  but the lavender!?!?  oh my word.  the lavender was wretched.  
i gagged and gagged and gagged and then threw up.  

and then i was all, "okay ash, ready to do your math?"
really, just a picture perfect first day.  

one on one with ash

one on one with ian.

one on one with avery. she has so much expression when she reads aloud.  
i could not love her more. 

"leif grew up in greenland with his father eric the red, who was kicked out of norway 'cause he killed a person dead."

phew.  we made it through our day.

and then the evening came and with it, fevers, body aches and scary pain in my throat and ear.  and then that all came back in the middle of the night.

tuesday i was diagnosed with an ear infection and strep.
tuesday we did not do school.

i'm better today.  my mom came and helped me clean and dave's parents brought us dinner.

thankful tonight for family and returning health.

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