Wednesday, November 4, 2015

when ian turned 5

making his cake!

opening his ninja turtle costume for his ninja turtle party.
he ran and gave me the sweetest hug right after this. 

with his donatello cake.  my dad said it looked like cookie monster meets oscar the grouch. ;)  he was totally right. 

party guests!

sisters' present!

happy birthday, ian david.  we love you so very much.  the other day the kids and i were talking about the gifts that God has given each of us and the girls both said that ian was very good at making friends, "he's not shy AT ALL", and they both thought God gave ian the gift of making people laugh.  so, SO true.  i can't wait to see how God uses all of the wonderful things about his little personality.

ian5thbirthday from mandy houle on Vimeo.


Miss G said...

SUCH a little cutie! I love those insights about him at the end!! Also, I had forgotten his middle name is David. :) Kelly

Mandy said...

Thanks, kelly! I think he's pretty cute, too.