Thursday, March 17, 2016

bids at the beginning of day 3

Prayer books from Jon Elsberry9
"Bread and Wine" from Danielle Finzel3
Handmade Pottery from Raleigh Tillman12
"The Green Ember" from the Harms kids7
Ghana Greeting Cards - 10 total cards & envelopes by Libby Harms14
$10 Items
Bottle of Proper from Mandy Houle18
Cultural books from Holly Packiam10
$20 Starbucks card from Sandi Elsberry10
Chicken enchilada meal from Mandy Houle2
$25 Poor Richards from Gigi Orsillo1
$25 Coquettes Bistro from Gigi Orsillo5
5 pack of Barbies3
Dozen cupcakes from Sassy Sweet Designs7
$15 Items
"Make It Count" bracelet from Jody Landers7
Little House series from GG Elaine5
"As for me and my house" sign from Melissa Martynyuk1
Bottle of Proper and enchiladas from Mandy Houle3
"Heaven" sign & "Across the Ocean and Back Again" from Jen Wilson2
"Wild in the Hollow" & "Count it all Joy" from Courtney Cassada5
$20 Items
60 min massage from Tammy Harris4
Young Living oils from Laura Clapp10
"Daniel in the Lion's Den" from Michele Heath1
Rodon and Fields from Amy Stroup2
Wreath from Liz Taylor7
Spot at Soccer Camp from Mandy Houle3
Colorado Springs area photo shoot from Sara Martin13
$25 Starbucks & $25 Amazon from Melissa Bolton27
Homeschool Tracker subscription from Gigi Orsillo0
Music camp from Kelly Rollet1
$50 Fandango movie bucks from Crystal Nikiforov2
DC area photo shoot from Jenn Gorrie2
Hair cut by Candace Bachata from Gigi Orsillo3
Gift basket - lotions, soaps, candle, lip balm, etc from Holly Port0
$25 Items
90 min massage from Laura Fowler6
$65 AMC movie bucks from Crystal Nikiforov2
$20 Humble Coffee plus mani-pedi from Gigi Orsillo2
2 original acrylic paintings by Rita Salazar Dickerson3
6Q Instant Pot from Erin Harms3
Total Bids215

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