Saturday, March 19, 2016

fundraising report--2015 World Water Day

Mandy’s Fundraiser Report

Last year, you rallied your friends and family to support The Adventure Project’s water program. That support has enabled us to create six jobs in Uganda for water well caretakers, and well chairmen. Thanks to your support and their work, approximately 900 people now have access to clean and safe drinking water. (!!!)

For World Water Day in March of 2015, you raised $12,760.00, making it possible to rehabilitate three wells in Uganda, hire six people to maintain them, and bring clean water to 900 people.

Your generosity has been trans-formative in these communities and we are so grateful, Mandy.

Thanks to your fundraiser, three more wells have been rehabilitated in Uganda and six people have been hired as chairmen and well caretakers, maintaining the wells and ensuring they are fixed by local well mechanics when they break.

As a result, up to 900 people now have access to clean and safe water.

Because of your generosity, the following wells have been rehabilitated:

Kichwamba Town
Kyandema Village
Nkoni PS
Nkoni Village

Well caretakers are recruited from the local community to maintain the well, collecting fees and keeping the well clean. If there is an issue, the caretaker calls a local well mechanic to ensure that water keeps flowing. Well caretakers are able to earn an income from the fees they collect.

Pady, Richard, and Ann (profiled below) are the caretakers of the three wells which have been rehabilitated with the support of your fundraiser. They are responsible for keeping the wells clean and ensuring they are repaired by a local well mechanic if they break.


Pady is the caretaker at Kasisi well. She is 39 years old and married with four children. All of her children are in school.

Pady told us about her new job:  

“The best part of my job is that I can see I am helping the community. I am supposed to keep the well clean so people wont fall sick.”

In the future, with the money she earns, Pady wants to complete paying school fees for her children.


Richard is the caretaker at Kyampanga well. He is 55 years old and married with 7 children. All of his children are in school.

Richard told us, “I am in charge of keeping [the well] clean and this makes me happy. The water is very good. People use it for cooking and drinking and so they don't fall sick like before.”

In the future, Richard wants to work on developing himself, learning a new skill or trade.


Ann is the Caretaker at Nkoni PS well. She is 23 years old and married with one child.

Aida talked about her job as Caretaker saying, “The well helps the community and the school since its near. I collect money per jerry can so the well is clean and well maintained. I can get some money and buy milk for my child.

In the future, Ann wants to use the money she earns to buy a big piece of land and start a big garden.


These three caretakers work hard to ensure that the wells they oversee stay clean and functional. If their well breaks down, they are responsible for hiring a local well mechanic to fix it. They ensure that the water keeps flowing for 900 people in their communities.


Your support has been truly transformative for over 900 people in Uganda. You have enabled six entrepreneurs and their families to thrive.  

Because of you, families are moving out of poverty, women and children are no longer spending hours each day laboring to gather dirty water from rivers and swamps, and entire communities have access to clean and safe water - for good. We can’t begin to thank you for your support. 

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