Thursday, March 17, 2016

raffle items--crystal nikiforov, holly port and michele heath

here are some great places to put your bids and still take advantage of getting your name in for the flash prize!  all three of these have either one or two bids.

movie bucks from my super awesome brand new mama cousin crystal nikiforov---  $65 AMC movie bucks and the $50 Fandango movie bucks.

basket from infamous holly port of lotion bar cafe---

goats milk lotion, lotion bar 3 bath fizzies, eye cream, bar of soap, gift sack with guest bar, soy candle and a lip balm , it will be wrapped up in cello 
50.00 basket  

this puppy only has 1 bid on it! 

my good beautiful friend who i never see anymore :( michele heath donated this beautiful daniel in the lion's den original painting.

The artist is John T Katerberg and his website is this is a signed piece and is quite large measuring 41.5" x 29.5"

bid here
donate here

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