Tuesday, March 15, 2016

raffle items--erin harms and kiddos

i could say a million things about my sister in law, erin.  i have followed in her footsteps and am currently watching her every move as she navigates homeschooling middle school.  she has my utmost respect and i implicitly trust her with all of the things that weigh on my heart.  she truly is like my big sister and i'm so grateful for her!

here are the harms family contributions to the raffle!

#1 The Green Ember by S.D. Smith  (5 dollar bid)

We absolutely LOVE reading great books together!  Its life changing...for all of us!  The Harms kids wanted to share one of their favorite books of the year, The Green Ember.  I seriously had chills listening to this with my kids and nieces/nephews.  I choked up every time I read these words...  

"My place beside you.  My blood for yours.  Til the Green Ember rises or the end of the world." --  The Green Ember

Alyssa (age 11) says, "The Green Ember is a fun book with adventure, fighting, and betrayal.  I guarantee you'll be sitting at the edge of your seat the whole time!"


#2  Ghana Greeting Cards 10 total greeting cards with 10 envelopes included.  (5 dollar bid)

Libby would also like to include 2 sets of her handmade cards.  These pictures are inspired by the 3 years we lived in Ghana as seen through the eyes of a 10-12 year old.

these pictures are examples from the 10 cards, but not one of the cards are alike! 

#3  An Instant Pot---from erin (25 dollar bid)

I've always loved the idea of gathering my little family around the table together at the end of the day to share food together.  Its about thankfulness...rhythm...sharing...laughter...connection.  In my head, it always looks magical...a sacred time set aside each evening.  On rare occasions, it does feel magical.  Other times it looks more like scolding for poor table manners and arguing about who gets the last strawberry or dinner roll.  But most of the time...it's laughter...it's constant chattering of little people all at one time at shocking decibels...it's knowing looks across the table between my husband and I as we inwardly smile over what we're hearing...it's "prairie dinner" time where no one can talk because food actually does need to be consumed...it's life lived together.  Even though my table will never look like a Martha Stewart picture, I love the rhythm of eating together each night.  After being over seas for several years, I have suddenly entered the world of practices and activities that keep us away from home the hours before dinner time.  It's been much more challenging to get food from the fridge to the table these days.  Introducing my new friend...the Instant Pot.  Seriously, you guys, I'm not a kitchen gadget person.  Most things that pass through my kitchen wind up on the Goodwill shelf.  But this guy doesn't even get put away in the cupboard anymore.  It now has a permanent place on my counter right next to my trusty Vitamix.  Its a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker all wrapped into one.  Its healthy cooking, but it does it FAST!  I've only had it a few weeks but I love it and would love to share it with someone.  I'll even include my favorite uses/recipes!


Leighann said...

Is there a way to donate an item last minute to the auction? I'm a friend of Courtney Cassada's and would be happy to donate a Life Coaching call. I have a document I can send you with more info that I just wrote up for a different auction....

Miss G said...

Erin, we got an instant pot a few weeks ago too and I LOVE it as well!! I feel like it is my magic button for dinner time!!! This is an awesome prize! Kelly

Mandy said...

Hey leighann! I am pretty sure i bought your lent devotional for kids! Was that you?!? We are trying not to add any more at this point...i would love for you to be involved next year and we'll make a note to touch base with you next feb!