Monday, March 21, 2016

there is coming a day...

i am certain there is coming a day when this earth will be made new.  there will be a way through the wilderness and streams of water in the wastelands.  a day when all of our hopes and seemingly elusive dreams will be realized; our souls fulfilled.  the work of our hand will satisfy! there will be order and goodness and beauty that astounds and inspires.  we will all be truth tellers and truth seekers, in fact it will be the truth that sets us free! and all of the broken places of our hearts will be healed.

our doubts will vanish.
our grief disappear.
our joy will be infinite.
our peace everlasting.

all of the goodness of this beautiful earth: birds singing, sunrises, crisp mountain air, salty waves crashing on sandy shores, laughter with friends, inspiring songs, steaming cups of hot coffee, intimate conversations around plates of satisfying all will be multiplied! it all will be as good and beautiful as it is, plus heart can hardly contain this!  it overwhelms me.

and one thing is sure...none will be thirsty without a spring of water rising up to satisfy.  none will be without purpose.  our dignity will be secure.

any time we work toward how it will be, we are inviting heaven into our day.  

when we seek the truth? heaven breaks through.
when we are inspired or inspire others?  heaven is breaking through.
and certainly when we provide someone who is quite literally dying from thirst with clean water and satisfying work, heaven is breaking through. 

i was texting with melissa bolton last night, she is just as amazed as i am at the way small gifts can do big things.   and i told her:

"we are powerful when we come together.  collective faith is so beautiful...and also miraculous."

our small gifts plus Jesus?  it's a spectacular combo. it's the stuff miracles are made of.

tomorrow is world water day.  it's the last day of the raffle.  thank you to all who've joined us this week.  i love what happens when we come together like this.  if you haven't joined the raffle yet, we'd love for you to! it's so fun to see what God can do with our small gifts.  once you donate, bringing heaven in the form of water and jobs kind of gets in your blood.  you'll be hitting refresh on the donation page throughout the day.

i was searching for a picture to add to this post and when i opened this new one from becky, my eyes instantly teared. this picture whispers heaven to my soul.  isn't it beautiful?

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