Sunday, March 20, 2016

when freedom breaks through

while i was at church today listening to Glenn say this.....

"peace and freedom are not for some ethereal future, peace and freedom are for today. the kingdom of heaven is breaking through here, now." 

 ....the fundraiser hit 4k. enough funds to rehabilitate one well, creating a job for a well mechanic and a caretaker.

 it's true you know, we really do get to participate in God's will for heaven to come here; for the earth to be full of glimpses of His good, good kingdom.

 and today, with our collective small gifts, we allowed the kingdom of heaven to break through into Kamwenge, Uganda.

there is no act or gift too small for God to use to bring redemption and restoration. we give Him something little and He multiplies it in order to accomplish much, that's just who He is.

 we have 2 more wells that we want to restore. 2 more wells and 2 more days. thanks for joining us.

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