Thursday, August 25, 2016

at the beginning of school

more from their first day at rmca homeschool program.

we left ian sitting on this bean bag chair, clutching books, but looking around at all of his little classmates. turns out he LOVES it there.  so thankful.

ashton is in the same class as her twin cousins, chloe and toby!

and avery's just an old pro here.  4th grade's big stuff.

then the following monday we had our first day of houle school.  i'm telling you the beginning of the school year seems to get sweeter each year. i have learned to plan less and less and then even less and our days this week have really had a nice rhythm to them, one that feels manageable and relaxed to me. i suppose it also helps that both the girls are fairly independent and there are no more preschoolers in this house. :(

it's become tradition for me to wrap all of our school supplies up to be opened on our first day.

here's avery looking through her equine science program from winter promise.  i seriously had the best time putting this together for her.  it is thorough and extremely well done.  avery is completely capable of looking at her winter promise guide and completing the assignments each week using winter promise's horse notebook along with several library books.

at the very beginning of summer, when it had just barely turned warm, the kids asked "mommy, when the ice cream truck comes down our street can we get something??" to which i replied, "only once....we can do it just once."

well, we didn't see an ice cream truck in june, we didn't see one in july, but after our very first day of homeschool the ice cream truck FINALLY made an appearance on our street.  it was SO fun to shout "go, stop him!" while i grabbed my wallet.

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Miss G said...

TOO fun!!! I am glad that it is getting sweeter each year. Even when I think I am planning less it turns out I have some crazy high beginning of the year expectations. I know it will all shake out but right now . . . yikes. Kelly