Wednesday, December 7, 2016

a hodgepodge picture post

 i think avery was the one who snapped this of me. i'm happily sitting in my new "teacher's chair".  it's over-sized with a casual slipcover slung over it.  it's right by the fireplace. dave built desks down in our snug little family room for the kids and surprised me with a cord (i think) of firewood that's stacked up against the house in the back.  now i build a fire pretty much every day right after breakfast and we do math sipping hot chocolate by the warm blaze.  it's pretty fantastic. and this chair!  it's just so cozy.  i may or may not fall asleep snuggled next to ian while he's doing a reading lesson. ;)  

first snow of the season and he was out there gathering every bit of it he could for this tiny snowman.  i love being ian's mom.

christmas has come to our house.

thanksgiving with cousins at grandma nancy's!

we played this game!  oh the memories!  any one know what this game is?

girls trip touring glen eyrie!
 losing teeth like crazy!

grandma nancy always does gingerbread houses with the kids.  she has a secret "cement" frosting recipe.  it works so well!

our messy, busy, new to us school room.  ian and ashton were working in a store called "paper cuts" and were putting chains EVERY WHERE.  ;)
 school open house!

ian gets the sweetest notes from his teachers!  they all adore him.  no surprise there!

and i always hear about how well the girls read and write.  such smarties!!

christmas tree hunting!!

look at that darling boy!

they each have their own bin of ornaments.  ian kept pulling one out and saying "good memories".  ha!


Miss G said...

Your tree is so gorgeous AND thank you for the lost tooth reminder. I need to go sneak some coins under a pillow!!! Forgot last night!! oops!! Kelly

Mandy said...

I am the WORST tooth fairy. 😜

Melissa said...

I loved this post! I love your family!