Wednesday, January 25, 2017

ian turns 6

though it's been quite awhile according to the calendar, my head and heart feel like this guy must have just turned six.  i can't even wrap my mind around the fact that we are rounding the bases to seven. (just a little baseball pun for my baseball loving boy)

on his actual birthday (septmeber 13th) i took the kids to sky zone!

helping make his birthday cake!

the day of his party, cousin toby came over to help frost the cakes and play football in the backyard.

at his request, ian had a bronco/lego birthday party.

we had everyone wear these under eye tatoos.  it was hilarious!

a blurry picture of cousins and buddy elias after they played pin the football between the uprights!

at 6 years old ian has 4 main loves.

sports. he's asked me approximately one million times how many days until his first baseball practice. and he also regularly  calls out "hey mom, have you decided?" and i respond "decided what, buddy?" "decided if i can play football?"

if dave starts to watch football, ian will sit next to him for a minute, but then he'll disappear and come back with his helmet on.  every time.

star wars. jedi training at hollywood studios sealed the deal on that one.

drawing. he has developed a passion for watching art tutorials.  he draws like a maniac!  for a kid who won't sit still and is usually running instead of walking and shouting instead of talking, an art tutorial can keep him still and quiet and concentrating for over an hour.  it's a miracle.

friends/sisters/people in general.  i know i'm his mom, but i have observed lots of kids over the years and i have never seen a more selfless little boy when it comes to friendship.  i feel like he'd give someone the shirt off of his back, let them borrow his most favorite star wars toy, let a buddy go "first", share his food, i mean, anything, truly.  this kind of care and love comes naturally to him, i don't prompt him at all.  he would do anything for friendship, for a buddy, for a playmate.  it melts my heart.  when we are driving at night, ashton always reminds everyone to wish on the first star they see and ian always, always, ALWAYS, wishes for a little brother.  and then i cry.  ;) if you have a little boy, trust me, you want him to have a friend like ian.

and there's also this.

20160612 083259 from mandy houle on Vimeo.

and this.

20160821 112528 from mandy houle on Vimeo.

we are so very thankful for the gift of ian david.  we pray that God would use his extraordinary love for people to bless and encourage everyone who knows him.

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Megan said...

Happy belated birthday to Ian. Your children are such sweet blessings, as are you and David.