Wednesday, February 15, 2017

not for the wise

in a season where praying does feel a bit childish, but definitely crucial, this bit on prayer sure has meant a lot.

 "in honesty, you have to admit to a wise man that prayer is not for the wise, not for the prudent, not for the sophisticated. instead, it is for those who recognize that in the face of their deepest needs, all their wisdom is quite helpless. it is for those who are willing to persist in doing something that is both childish and crucial." f. buechner

his first official quiet reading hour.  for the joy set before me. 

baby cousins!!!

homeschool perk: when finishing up her language arts for the day means reading robert fulton to me while i prepare lunch. 💕
9 year olds can sit on counters too. 

there is truly not much i prefer over pizza and movie night with this crew and their dad. 

watching diligence and persistence and concentration bud in my energetic boy is a beautiful sight to behold. 

we had a sweet valentines day.  we drove through chic fil a for our free breakfast and then packed up and took school to the library.

it was such a quiet, peaceful morning.  the kids rotated through their individual teaching time with me and then collected books or played on the computers.

while we were there they had a little toddler music time and it was killing me.  i mean, didn't i just bring my tiny ones to this very library, like, last week? i can picture each of them as toddlers at this library. there was the sweetest, cutest little mom.  she had a toddling one year old and she was so patient with her.  it brought tears to my eyes! it made me proud to be a mom.  we are doing such sacred, holy work and i was reminded of that watching that sweet mom with her little girl.

ashton could hardly finish her math because she kept watching the little ones!  she's a sucker for babies like her momma.

logan and amanda haag have been and always will be important friends to us! they are busy living a great adventure traveling the country and so we don't get to see them often, but it's such fun to see our kids get along and play together!


Miss G said...

lovely post, Mandy! Kelly

Mandy said...

Thankyou, friend!