Sunday, March 14, 2010

more weekend please

our weekend was crazy. went by too fast.


we're doing some "get-ready-to-move" projects around our house. not quite sure if we'll end up moving soon or not...but it does feel good to do some of the stuff we've been wanting to to do since we moved in (ummm, 5 years ago)


i'm tired. so tired.
and my belly is HUGE. people commment "you sure it's not twins" and all that jazz. fun.
i've found that by 4 pm these days i am just done. and we all know that 4-bedtime are some of the hardest hours. (i think i can, i think i can, i think i can)

and here's the cute almost-one-year-old


climbing in cabinets and figuring out new ways to make messes every single day.


AliciaB said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures of the girls in the buckets!

kirstin said...

1- we have all sorts of projects that we just keep meaning to get to... we'll see when that happens. :)
2- I bet your belly isn't huge. I can't exactly figure out why people choose to make such comments... it does feel like an alien invasion, though, doesn't it?
3- we miss you guys!

Joanna said...

I would like to see a picture of that huge belly. I just added you to my google reader, fyi, so I will now be stalking your life regularly. :)

Kim said...

totally with you on the projects thing. we have some "12 year projects", some "3 year projects" (meant to be finished last summer, oh and the summer before that), I would call us lazy but it's more "burnt out" on the whole house project thing. whateva! right? Sorry to hear that you are exhausted. This is going to be a fun fun fun pregnant summer for you! Hate to hear that you all will be moving but I know you will NEED a bigger place with that baby coming. We will miss you when you go, it's been great having you as neighbors! (here I am talking as if you've already moved). talk to you soon girlie.