Friday, April 9, 2010

around the lake

we are thrilled to be having a little boy. a little shocked....wondering if it's "for real"....but after the 3rd ultrasound....merrie looked at me and said. "'s a boy. okay??" (i just kept asking to "check again" :))

and boy names? they feel hard to me. harder than girl names for some reason....hmmmmm.

we went down to memorial park today.


i LOVE that place.


we walked around the lake

had a picnic lunch and played on the play ground for a bit.

they are putting in a new play area down there and it looks SUPER cool. can't wait till it opens.

we headed to b.j. velvet freeze for some cones (and i got a corn dog....i just LOVE corn dogs...)


can't you just feel summer? it's right around the corner :)


Danielle said...

I was just telling my family last night that I really, really, really wanted a corn dog!!! Must be a pregnancy thing.:)

Mike and Amanda said...

I am SO excited you are having a boy. They are so much fun. But man, you gotta keep your eyes on them all the time!

And PS-If my photos make you want to visit me, it must be your inner spirit telling you to do something. So come visit baby, I suppose!

Joy said...

SO SO excited for you that you're having a boy!!! Yay hooray!! Boys are fun :) And yes, I think naming any child for that matter is HARD. But no guys will come up with a killer name, I just know it. Congrats!!