Monday, April 12, 2010

a weekend

on our way to garrett's 30th birthday "roast", i had left the camera behind and begged to go get such luck. it was HILARIOUS. loads of people just bashing on garrett (and saying nice things too)....he LOVED it. :)

that thing with the camera? ....yeah, it happened again on our way to justus's 5th bday party at lil bigs. and fike was batman and dana was superwoman and man do i wish i had a picture of that.

but sunday we actually had some friends over to our house. so there was no need to remember packing the camera.


it happened to be rylan's first birthday. so i picked up a little cake for her to dig in.

she was a happy camper

and it was SO nice to be able to sit outside in the evening

dave and i watched changeling on saturday night. freaked me out. i'm such a trusting person, so when i watch movies like that, it totally rocks my world.

how much do you trust and let go?
how much do you try to protect and control?

i don't want to be stupid. but i definitely don't want to be a control freak/psycho sheltering momma either.....


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