Thursday, April 29, 2010

family night

um, yeah. family nights aren't happening every thursday night. (surprise, surprise) cause, you know, there's date nights and vbb meetings and bday parties and just other stuff.....but here's a couple from the past handful of weeks....

"the good samaritan"

we acted out the story and took turns being the "guy who got beat up"



"david and goliath"


read the story and then acted it out with some cheapo "sling" i got at the dollar store

plus we sang "only a boy named david" one of aves favorites right now

then it was ice cream sandwich's and some "dave and the giant pickle"

these really take little effort.....but it's a thousand times worth it.

i can see it her eyes.
yep. totally worth it.


Amy said...

cute idea! I might have to give that a try. I love how Dave is totally asleep while watching the veggie tales. Chris would definitely do the same!

Amanda said...

Love Avery imitating your face! You still need to tell me what book you're using :)