Wednesday, April 28, 2010

happy birthday gg

tomorrow gg velma turns 81.

every year she tells me how mad she was that i waited until april 30th to be born. she looks at me all smug and says "you just wanted your own day".

we are uniquely blessed to be able to live so close to such a fabulous lady. i can't believe that my girls get to be so close to her. Avery adores her...she's the one who taught the aves what it means to "tease".

they are hilarious to watch together, gg is always bugging avery and "teasing" her...and avery eats it up.


she is an amazing prayer warrior for our family. she tells us all the time that she puts us in God's hands when she prays for us in the mornings.


you wouldn't believe how many people grandma and grandpa have lead to the Lord, or how many people my grandma has brought to Vanguard.....legacy, i tell you, legacy.

happy birthday grandma :)

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