Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sometimes i'm not a good mom

it's bizarre to me how some days, i feel so on top of everything. laundry being washed, dried and put away, dishes ran through the dishwasher and put away, floors swept, crafting and baking with the aves. smiles and giggles and hugs....

and then there's days like today. today i was on the verge of yelling like every 30 seconds. i caught myself taking deep breaths, counting to 10, locking myself in the bathroom, anything to keep me from losing it. why is that? what happened today?

"off" days are so defeating. ugh.

here's some pics from yesterdays trip to the lake with the berutti fam......

avery notices that brooklyn is slouching so she follows suit :)
judah man pushes the girlies

and here is alicia trying to block onlookers view of judah peeing on the tree hahahaha
(see avery checking out what's going on??)

fun fun...can't wait till they start up the farmer's market down there.


AliciaB said...

I'm so honored to have finally made it on to your blog!! We had fun at the park, lets do it again soon :)

The Moffats said...

so glad that you are human and have "off days" too. good thing. makes me feel much better :) the end.