Friday, April 23, 2010

the one about granola

our snowy indoor day was perfect for granola baking.

little aves loved squeezing the honey :)

she thinks her daddy will be so proud of her when he comes home tomorrow night.

we also hit up king soops and the girls road the penny horse for the first time together. ashton was like "what the?"

i had quite the bi-polar moment today.

one minute i was mad, frustrated, and annoyed with little miss two-year-old.
but i had promised we'd make granola, so we did (i was SO wishing i hadn't mentioned that she could help make it)
and then, as she was squeezing that honey bottle and holding that tablespoon so still and serious as i filled it with olive oil, cinnamon and vanilla, i melted.
i melted into the reality of the rare and precious years that i have with her. i watched her eyes fill with pride as she made granola.

and i've come to the conclusion that whenever i get so annoyed with my kiddos that i just want to lock myself in the bathroom, i should probably just do something with them. yep. seemed to have worked beautifully today.

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Kim said...

Oh Mandy...was soooo glad to read this about your bi polar
moment (s). I had one of these today. I was trying to clean/scrub the bathtub and I was getting annoyed because Bree kept trying to scrub the tub with me and was sort of getting in my way. All I wanted to do was hurry up and get the cleaning done so that I could spend time with her, then I realized she just wanted to help me and then I felt guilty for thinking my annoying thoughts! Glad to know I'm not the only momma out there that feels that way sometimes!
Oh, I so want to make some homemade granola bunches. they are sooo yummy.