Wednesday, May 12, 2010

isaiah and laila

we have some visitors today.

isaiah got to join the aves in a little preschool fun.

"hold your boxes guys"

"on the count of three run down to this pile"

"and grab as many green things as you can find"


"now go back to the line and count how many green things you got!!"


oh man these guys are cute. laila is just SWEET...i mean, geez, melt your heart,
make you laugh, SWEET!

(um...and boys are LOUD :) and REALLY funny)


Amanda said...

Boys are definitely LOUD and CRAZY but really FUN. So glad you guys are going to get to have one of your own!!

Laura said...

Get ready for the LOUD to enter your home!! Looks like the kids had fun. Thanks for letting them join your preschool. That is probably the only preschool they will have for a while!!!