Monday, July 26, 2010

from today

mondays are funny.

ya see, i try to spend mondays at home with the girls. cleaning, doing laundry, getting caught up from the weekend madness, actually playing with my know, stuff like that.

and sometimes these days are just horrible, awful, when-does-dave-get-home type of days, where my patience is low, my motivation is low, and i just wish i was anywhere but AT HOME.

but today was good. i'm not sure where the burst of energy came from, but i sure was thankful for it whilst cleaning bathrooms. (did you know that it takes me like 45 minutes to clean each of my bathrooms? what is wrong with me? and scrubbing tubs 8 months pregnant is pretty freaking awesome)

and i even managed to pop outside with the girls and show avery how to make soup with rocks, sand, water, and grass.

she thought it was the grandest thing ever and was chattering away while i was taking these pictures.


i let her use the real ladle

and we served up 3 bowls of stone soup :)


having a 3 year old is a riot

she WEARS ME OUT these days. but is oh so funny and oh so sweet (most of the time :))

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