Monday, August 23, 2010

rough day

woke up with lots of aching in my hips and legs and very nauseous. it's stuff like this that puzzles this you're-almost-nine-months-pregnant stuff or is this a legit bug?

who knows.

so i try to continue on our day. dave needs his belt at work. ashton needs to be dropped off so that i can take avery to her very first dentist appointment. i need to hit the store to pick up a couple last minute items for our home visit later on in the afternoon.

so we've done our morning errands and we are about to the dentist and avery vomits 3 times all over herself and her carseat.

cancel dentist.
cancel home visit.

she kept saying "oh dear" "oh dear" "oh SOOO dear"

when i was getting her unbuckled she said "mommy, be very careful with me, i have throw up all over"

and then she said "I'm sorry for throwing up, mommy" she was just precious and sweet...... and covered in vomit.

so i get her in the bath and i'm sitting on our drive way trying to figure out how-in-the-world to get her new car seat taken apart so i can wash it and i've got the screw driver in my hand and i keep unscrewing things that don't seem to make ANYTHING move and i just start crying. right there in the drive way. it was pathetic.

the girls are in bed now....i am shortly following.

these are from some random morning when avery dumped sand and water on top of ash...they were both super proud.



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lindsayw4 said...

Hope you all feel better soon!