Thursday, September 9, 2010

i'm due tomorrow

we set up the birthing pool today.

the girls thought it was a great place to read books.

i think it's a great place to have a baby.

let's hope it doesn't gather too much dust before i can finally utter the words "babe, i think you should fill up the pool"

i have yet to make it all the way to my due date, but it's looking like this pregnancy will be the one. (you know, unless i give birth in about 2 hours)


The Moffats said...

ahhh! just a few more days...that's it! and maybe less. little man just isn't quite ready - who knew he would be so nice and snuggly in there? thinking about you all the time and praying it all goes quickly and smoothly. hang in there...almost there. Also, I think I saw his name on your mom's fb? is it official? maybe that's what he was waiting for ;)

lindsayw4 said...

praying he will come soon!

Kim said...

I hope he arrives soon. So excited to meet him!!