Saturday, December 18, 2010

sometime last week

ian and i are at home by ourselves. dave is drumming at church. the girls are at the electric safari with grandma and grandpa houle.

ian's cute. it's fun to look at him. i don't do it nearly often enough.
and he's 3 months old. man...i need to take some more pictures of that kid.


the other morning we had a date with both of our grandmas.


we went to the story time at pottery barn kids and then stopped into origins.

there were two super friendly gals working. one of them was oohing and ahhing over ian and one of them gave avery a little makeover.

what a special little treat for her.

did you know that if you go to the story time at pbk 5 times you get 10 dollars toward anything you want in the store? the girls are getting a red wooden kitchen from grandma and grandpa for christmas (shhh don't tell them) and i scored a set of red wooden mixing bowls for free with avery's stamped up little story time book. sweet.

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