Tuesday, February 1, 2011

some stuff

anyone ever listen to Gungor? fike told us about them and they've been the star on our ipod for about 2 weeks now.

"Jesus, you're the One who saves us, constantly creates us into something new"

wow. LOVE them.

i have pretty friends.

avery's dribbling through the pool noodles about to score.

she's got quite the fan club. (ian looks so BIG to me in this pic)

and i couldn't believe that she could actually cut these paper hearts out.

my sweet and spicy girl.

looks like we'll end up being stuck in this house for 3 straight days. i spose that'll just make my time with ellen that much sweeter come thursday morning.

oh and Kellen and Toben were born! i can't believe i'm not close enough to bring them a meal, watch Caiden and Rylan for them and drop off starbucks at the nicu. miss them badly. :(

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Amanda said...

Hey we made the blog! :). We miss you guys like crazy too and wish you could be here to meet the boys in person!