Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Be Great

i've been thinking a lot lately about the following reality of human nature.

we are quicker to encourage each other when we fail, than we are to rejoice with each other when we succeed.

why is that?

actually, i think i know the answer.
and it's not pretty.

i remember feeling this tension a lot when i was on staff at vanguard. ministry comparison, idea comparison, numbers comparison. and it rises to the surface all the time as a mom, too. it's all just so ugly.

anything and i mean, anything we do that is awesome, is actually just Christ working inside of us. so why are we afraid to be GREAT? and why are we afraid to say to each other "hey! you are great!" (reality is, when we rejoice with friends and family when they accomplish much, we are really just rejoicing in Christ)

we are called to greatness. i mean, geez, Christ is inside of us! we don't have to apologize for the great things He calls us to. it's about Him! not us!

don't be afraid to be great.
and don't be afraid to tell someone "hey! you're great!"

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Kim said...

It's societal. I don't think that's even a word. It's the society that we grew up in that has created what we are today, the way we feel, act, everything. What I noticed is that when we had our "up" economy, when everyone was doing great, everyone had new cars, nice houses, doing well! There was no criticism. But what I notice more now (in a bad economy) is that those who do well or drive nice cars tend to be chastised by those who maybe aren't doing as well or who are going through hard times as though the person who has worked hard for what they have doesn't deserve it. It's the take from the rich and give to the poor mentality.