Wednesday, March 2, 2011

my mantra today

don't tolerate behavior you don't like.

here's what i've noticed.

for me: if i tolerate bad behavior for too long, i get angry.

for avery: if i tolerate bad behavior for too long, it perpetuates the bad behavior.

this kid, i have to be on her like green on frogs.

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Laura said...

I get it. I just want to be able to have fun with a certain child in my life, but he often sabotages it with his behavior. I cannot give him even a millimeter without him taking it 5 miles. I believe it is worth it. I have seen some of the fruit of it in my bigger kids.

One of my mottos is, "if it is something I am going to later punish for, then I shouldn't let them do it now." They will test it in every environment just to make sure the rule still applies.

It is all about consistency, baby.

Oh, your preschool time inspired me to spend some dedicated time teaching and singing and playing with Isaiah and Laila today, It was fun. I am glad I did it. They so often can entertain each other that I just let them play while I work. It was good to be involved with them.