Monday, March 21, 2011


because this day went so much easier than i anticipated, we still were able to do our Bible/art activity for preschool.


thank you amanda for reminding me of this idea.


we talked about how God wants us to confess our sins and ask Him to forgive us and then we decorated a little box that will hold our "confessions". avery cut out several cards for us to write on and slip into this box as we wait for Easter.

potty training update

this girl did not have one potty accident all day.
she may have pooped on top of a rubbermaid bin, though. :)
and avery may have freak out just a little.

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Laura said...

Ashton is a potty rock star. I want to sing our potty song to her. What is the big deal about a little poop on a rubbermaid container, really? So glad you are having a good experience!!! Praying it continues!