Tuesday, March 22, 2011

today i blog for water

i imagine us all.

microwaving our coffee. wiping noses. pouring cereal. begining a new day.

there were 105 last time i checked. and that number is rising, i'm sure of it.

105 of us who decided to use our voice today. we can shout the loudest when we shout together.

and today.
today we will be loud.

loud because we hate injustice.
loud because we love Christ.
loud because we want people to know the love of our God through the work of our hands.

i've perused some blogs this morning. water. water. water. water. it's giving me chills. i'm honored to be a part.

here's the gist of the latest adventure.

wells get fixed, clean water flows, economy grows and

{here's the biggie} dignity soars.

100 blogs are asking 10 of their readers to give 20 dollars towards this great adventure.

join us.
donate here.

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Courtney said...

i knew i'd love your post :-)