Tuesday, March 22, 2011

super woman

okay guys, you have 5 hours.

5 hours to donate 20 dollars. or 10. or 5.

and when you donate, be ready. you will instantly be immersed in these stories and carried by this vision. it becomes a part of you.

i promise.
it does.

it becomes personal and watching the numbers move slowly but surely up to that 10,000 dollar mark holds so much weight in your heart after you give. it's like the second you donate, you begin to rub shoulders with all of these amazing men and women and say to them"hey, move over a bit and let me help you carry this burden."

and carrying burdens with people is invigorating; it's soul food. you know why? because Christ calls us to do just that. carry each others burdens. just watch. you start carrying the burden of the water crisis and i guarantee that you'll be clicking refresh about every 10 minutes {or maybe every 5} and your heart will start pumping as the numbers rise.

we are doing this.
and to get to say that? to get to say "hey, look what WE did". that's pretty awesome.

i'm potty training a 2 year old today.
but i'm also saving the world.

it's true. i'm super woman.

and so are you.

don't let this day pass you by without joining us. it's too exciting to pass up. it's too close to Christ's heart to pass up.

HERE is your chance.


accounting said...
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jody said...

I've been on the verge all day.
You just pushed me over the edge.
Beautiful. Really beautiful.