Monday, March 7, 2011

spring fever

it seems the fever has made its way to big sis. 102.3 makes avery's cheeks pink, her voice hoarse and my heart long for spring.

thankfully the majority of our day was fever free and we still were able to get our preschool activities finished.

we did circle time around the breakfast table and i really did love it. eating and talking and praying and reading just all seem to go together so nicely.

avery helped me read ashton a color book. after we read a page avery would ask "what color is this ash?" ashton guessed "ye-wo" for each one.

Letters. Ii workpages from horizon. flashcards. hotdots.

Bible and Art went together today. we read zacchaeus and made fun little paper puppets with popiscle sticks. then we acted out the story with the puppets. i did not take pictures, but we're bound to use our puppets again tomorrow.

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