Wednesday, March 9, 2011

tomorrow is thursday

i'm happy to report that today was the first day in 6 days that ashton did not have a fever.

avery was good most of the day, except she woke up from her nap burning up.

this morning we loaded in the van and went through chic-fil-a to get our free chicken minis. and we ate them driving through the garden of the gods. avery said it was like we were on vacation.

we got home and started on preschool. circle time. teaching ash.

numbers: kumon book and a horizon workpage.


reading comprehesion: our aunt erin collected classic children's books for us and we just go through our bookshelf and read 2 or 3 books during this part of preschool. i try to ask her questions as we turn the page to make sure she is following the story.

life skills: today we made our own playdough! it's fun and easy (and messy)!
1 cup flour• 2 Tbsp cream of tartar• ½ cup salt• 1 to 2 Tbsp cooking oil• 1 cup water•

you just mix all of that together on low heat until it reaches a good consistency (6-8 min) and then add some food coloring.

they wore aprons while we kneeded the food coloring into the dough and ashton was TOO MUCH in hers.

see my mountains? and avery's green snow man? and our roses by the pond?

here are our zacchaeus popsicle puppets

after dinner, the girls wanted to show daddy their playdough, ian was eating his barley cereal and i looked around and felt so thankful and joyful, which is pretty unusual for that time of day, and i needed to capture the moment.

ashton's saying "heart mommy" well, really, it's more like "hawt"


Kim said...

Gorgeous picture of Avery in her hat. :)

Laura said...

Did you know that you can add a packet of sugar free koolaid to your play dough instead of food coloring and then it will smell fruity!! You can do all colors!!

Amanda said...

I was just going to say how much I love that first picture of Avery too!

Christy said...

Driving through the Garden with nuggets IS vacation!