Wednesday, April 27, 2011

30 on 30 for 30

on saturday i start a new decade.

i've been writing this post in my head for a week now, very unsure of whether or not i should actually post it.

i question my motives, i question the origin of the idea, but mostly i'm just afraid of failing. there, i said it.

and then, after all of my questioning and 'fearing'...i just decide not to do it and i decide that no one will ever know that i even thought about doing it in the first place.

here is where the gnawing feeling comes in, the brief waves of nervous anxiety and hearing someone say to my soul "you know you should do this".

couple that with this image and i have no way out.

and deep down inside of me, i know i would be angry at myself if i didn't try to use my small voice and a significant birthday to make sure that hope grows this april.

and here's the thing, i hate regret.

this saturday is April 30th. i will be turning 30 years old and i am asking that 30 people buy a card between now and then to support the Grow Campaign (the newest poverty fighting effort of the Adventure Project).

the Grow Campaign is partnering with Kickstart, a company that sells affordable irrigation pumps, to kick poverty in the rear. these pumps drastically improve rural farmers yield.

more yield. more food. more hope.

the cards that you buy are greeting cards that can be planted in the ground and will bloom 3 - 4 weeks later. amazing. your mom wants one for mothers day. and so does your grandma.

so please, go here, and buy a card. (and then tell me!)
do it for my birthday.
do it for your mom and your grandma.

and do it because you believe in the power of hope.


Amanda said...

Already bought one for my mom and Logan's mom. Just bought one for you because you're awesome! Wish we could be there to help you celebrate. Love you, friend!

ellen said...

Mandy, I just purchased a card in honor of your 30th birthday. I love you and love the way that you are celebrating your special day!