Thursday, April 14, 2011

our ammo

straight from steve and ellen's hearts:

~Pray for the boys---their broken hearts, their anger towards people

~Pray for Amiah as she tries to process the emotion that she sees everyone struggling through

~Pray for the brokenness of all our hearts

~Pray for God to provide an alternative to leaving

~Pray for the actual moment that the girls will get into the car. That they will not be afraid and will be able to have peace

~Pray that the Bodonies will teach them about Jesus, even though I don’t know if they know him.

~Pray that God will bring our paths back together someday

~Pray that the girls will always believe that we wanted them and that we didn’t send them away.

~Pray that God rescues me when those moments of panic come and I feel like I am going to suffocate to death

(by the way, that bold one in the middle? that's the one i'm going to be begging God for tonight. may He hear the groans of our hearts)

God will hear our collective prayers tonight at 9. join us.


Hosanna said...

Ellen- I prayed all of this and more for you. Still praying. I want you to take comfort in the fact that I truly believe that these girls will NOT think you sent them away. They are old enough to see your pain and remember it. They will know they were very loved by you. Also- as I was praying about the moment they leave in the car I had a very strong feeling that God was saying they will be ok. They are together. This is one of the reasons he gave them to each other. They are never alone. I love you and am feeling your pain.

Kellyn said...

praying and watching with you