Wednesday, May 18, 2011

avery and ian

we are winding down our official preschool schedule for the year. i'm excited about planning out our summer and trying to be intentional about what we do. i think we'll still do some work pages and go over letters and numbers on mondays. i also want to incorporate lots of outdoor, messy, fun crafts and games. our wednesdays will be spent playing soccer with friends. i'm wildly excited about that. tuesdays and fridays will be open for play dates and other adventures. now all we need is this darn weather to cooperate.

there is too much growing up happening around here.
the oldest is turning 4 tomorrow. and the youngest is the proud owner of his first tiny tooth.

check out ian's eyes in this one; i think he's scared.


already getting excited about selecting curriculum and planning out our schedule for the fall (i can't help it), thinking a lot about this post, and wanting God to be clear as He leads.

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