Tuesday, May 31, 2011

use your voice

we reached 1000. more than that actually! amazing.

if you are one of 1000, stand proud and join me in flooding bill gates foundation facebook page with tons of wall posts.

click here and then write this:

"I am part of The Adventure Project proving that small farmers matter."

after you write on the gates foundation wall, go here to find out which number you are out of 1000. (i am #44)

then set your facebook status as this:

"i am #44 of 1000 proving to the Gates Foundation that small farmers matter"

i just went and wrote on gates' wall and it was remarkable seeing over and over and over:

i am a part of the adventure project......
i am a part of the adventure project.......
i am a part of the adventure project........

dang, it feels good to be a part of something bigger than myself.

go look at this wall.
you will get chills.
and then you will add your voice.

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