Saturday, June 18, 2011

june is going too fast

there is no "settling in" in summer.
routine is hard to come by. but that's okay. good even. there is too much fun to be had and sun to be enjoyed and too many people to share it all with.

picture snapped on my dad's phone right before the murder mystery dinner party.


dave moved out of his downtown office this past week. it's wierd and good and seeing God lead him through this crazy, winding path is invigorating.

we need Him.
and He comes through.
every time.

even when it looks like He's not coming through, that's just Him......coming through.


the girls have strep. i have strep. we all are on antibiotics. nobody really slept here last night. well, except ian.

strep throat in the summer? blah.

new mercies
-cards in the mail
-coffee with ellen
-getting the last appt. before the weekend for the girls
-watching courtney meet levi and lincoln
-letting ash play with my hair for a long time today. she is too much.

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lindsayw4 said...

oh no! Sorry you guys are sick:( We should get together sometime, when you feel better.