Sunday, August 28, 2011

fading to fall

the last weekend in august feels significant somehow. summer is about to pass the baton.

fall is always welcome at our house. the changing of seasons is such a fun time with young kiddos. last fall ian was just a newborn! last fall ashton was barely talking!

it's a ball to get to see them experience each new season as an older, wiser version of who they were the previous year. i've already been talking with avery about what we'll do on the very first day that it snows (ya know, cuz i'm a little nuts like that) and it's amazing to see her mind working behind those dancing brown eyes. she definitely remembers snow, but it's far off, an eternity ago for her. her eyes say "i can't believe it's actually going to do that again!"

fall is close, with it's traditions and hooded sweatshirts. it's crisp air and pumpkin spice latte's.

but our last weekend of "summer" was pretty darn good to us.

state fair


cheyenne canyon with micah (gasp!)

the boys hiked WAY up there. see 'em?


Hosanna said...

Love catching these little glimpses of your life! Keep it up!

Melissa/Mel said...

the way ash is looking at dave on the carousel is one of the most beautiful things...ever.