Wednesday, August 17, 2011

fall 2011

after many hours spent on the wonderful web, loads of emails sent to a precious sis n law, and a few trips to dollar stores and mardels, i do believe we've got our fall preschool all planned out.

like it always is with me, i absolutely love creating the program, filling in with curriculum, adding sticker charts and theme ideas and plugging them all neatly into our 5 day week, but making sure we stick to the day in and day out set up of my intricate plan is an entirely different story.

i love to have the plan, none the less. it gives me something to shoot for and helps guide me into doing the things i most want to be doing.

i sure did try to make it less intricate than it could have been, as i know that the less there is on the plan, the more likely we are to actually do it. there really are no time restraints, mostly just on each day there are certain things we try to get done and we have the whole day to do it.

writing it all out here is fun and also a bit scary.



during breakfast i hope to go over our rules and their verses.
couch time.
-one story from jesus storybook bible
-one devotional from Bible Prayers for Bedtime
-dry erase board with color markers (colors, shapes, letters, numbers)

independent worksheet time.
this should hopefully give me a chance to get ready for theme time and art project. avery will be working in A Beka's ABC-123 ashton will be doing "do a dot"
theme time.
i have an on going list of "themes" i want to at least touch on with the girls. i hope this gives us a structured time to talk about, read books, ect. all relating to our "theme of the week" themes on my list: colorado, occupations, farm, children of the world, Indonesian, senses.

art project. SIMPLE ART.


after ian and ashton go down for a nap. avery will get to do some one on one school time with me. this is a super BIG deal! she's been consistently napping in the afternoons and just recently she's been staying awake too late when she naps. i didn't want her to give up naps completely, so she'll be napping every other day during our "school" week. we will be working our way through these three books.

i found this neat website that has all sorts of character stories. after we finish in her workbooks, i'm hoping to read one of these stories and have her narrate it back to me.

hopefully she'll have a little bit of free time before the others wake up and i'll be able to get some cleaning in during this time. i'm going to let them watch an educational movie when ash gets up to give me more time to finish my cleaning.



every other week, ashton, ian and i will go to mops, and avery will do a special cooking class with my mom. when we're not doing mops and the cooking class, hopefully we can have a play date or go on a little morning adventure.


every one will nap on this day and i hope to do all of my preschool prep for the next week on this afternoon/evening.


wednesdays will be exactly like mondays, except during breakfast we'll go over letters and phonics and we'll do a simple science project instead of an art project.



kids will either go to grandma sandi's or grandma nancy's. i'll do grocery shopping and sometimes meet with ellen and laura.

everyone naps! and hopefully i can get the food put away, the fridge cleaned up and do some food prep for the next week.


morning: FREE!

afternoon: avery and i go through her afternoon work books.


wow! we shall see!


Anonymous said...

whoosh Mandy, that sounds like a lot!! good luck I know you can do it. A great little adventure trip to the Bear Creek Nature Center (the building) is really neat for kids and they have some really neat little easy trails right by the center, just fyi if you haven't been there before...lots of stuffed animals inside to learn about, etc.
Kim O

Mama Vincent said...

You are amazing! I have been wanting you to post a schedule! Thank you for sharing and I will be praying for your first month of school. Love ya.

Courtney said...

i'm SO glad you posted this. i am JUST realizing this week that i think i am going to have to be a little more serious with my school time - i've always done preschool at home with my kids. but with sawyer AND lincoln needing it this year, i'm going to need to be more intentional about it - structured/etc. PLUS with the whole language thing with lincoln! ayayay! i'm going to be clicking on a lot of these links...thanks!