Monday, August 15, 2011

it's happening again

i bought this bag today.

i love it.
i love that it represents a lot of what i'm trying to be a part of through theadventureproject.

to me, this bag says "hello, i want heaven to happen NOW"

ya see, tap is at it again with all of their partnering-with-incredible-small-businesses-to-eliminate-poverty awesome selves.

this time, Living Goods is training medical saleswomen to go door to door in their communities selling affordable medicines that could, get this, SAVE LIVES. when i bought that bag today, another bag was given to a Living Goods sales rep, allowing her to start her job.


creating jobs.
saving lives.

it's happening again.

jody landers, co-founder of tap, feels especially tied to this HEALTH campaign because of a promise she made a couple years ago when she brought her son Zeke and her daughter Kora home from Sierra Leone. Zeke and Kora's birth mom died during labor and delivery. Jody believes that it is very possible to live in a world where that kind of stuff DOES NOT HAPPEN.

she's started a campaign here to raise 1 dollar for every mother that died during child birth in africa last year. that number would be 170,000. it's a crazy goal, that's what makes it awesome.

i would really love for a bunch of us to help her reach her goal and so i'm giving away the bag i just bought. they are 48 bucks on the tap website, but you could win one here for just 10 and bragging rights to being a part of bringing heaven to earth.

all you have to do, is donate 10 bucks here.
and then tell me about in a comment.
on friday, i'll randomly draw a number out of a hat or something....i'm real official.

join the fight to bring heaven to earth. (the really awesome life giving part)
and maybe score yourself a cool bag (the extra side bonus part)

the bag says "my other bag is on an adventure in africa keeping 700 people healthy."

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Becky Straw said...

I love this idea! Thanks Mandy for being part of this. You're fantastic.