Sunday, September 18, 2011

saturday morning soccer and other ramblings

avery had her very first soccer game at 9 am at cottonwood creek park on saturday.

do you know how many games i played at cottonwood growing up? tons.

i took lots of deep breaths while avery compared pig tails with her teammates, watched the white team dribble right passed her and claimed her favorite part of the game was "taking a break" to drink water and eat grapes.

(sorry these pics are so small. my dad sent them to me from his phone)
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she's only four, she's only four, she's only four. i kept telling myself.

i majorly need to relax.

this weekend has been a good combination of going and staying.

today we continued our pursuit of a clean and organized garage and crawlspace. so we did things like, unload boxes of memorabilia, laugh our way down memory lane, and then chuck everything we felt good about parting with.

dave found his old awana "cubbie" (a little bear donning a tiny blue vest) avery was shocked and in HEAVEN. adorable.

i found my old players i.d. for pride soccer. the same club avery's playing for now.

we found journals, yearbooks, old pictures of dave passing out spam during lunch in highschool and it was fun to see and be reminded of all of the life we have lived together. wow.

my mother-in-law reminded me just a few weeks ago that 15 years ago, this fall, dave made his first appearance in the halls of cscs. we met in Bible class or maybe civics, but as of this month, i have known the man half of my life.

it's sort of crazy and super fun that we met when we were 15. this post is getting me in the mood to finally write who i am #4....the one all about "us".


Laura said...

I was 17 when Rick and I met. There is something about history!! It bonds us in ways that we wouldn't be otherwise.

Courtney said...

come one, #4 :-)

jackson3 said...

its funny, athletic parents having kids! i watch josie in gymnastics class the same way, saying, "she's only 3, she's only 3! this is the age of them to learn how to listen, follow direction, and build strength not how to do a standing back-handspring ha!

Melissa/Mel said...

crazy that you and dave met when you were 15. also, i just googled hand, foot and mouth disease...ugh. sorry you had to deal with that!