Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a busy wednesday

welp, there were two things i wanted avery to do outside of our house this fall:
awana and soccer.

we had a race with straws and feathers

after the race, avery puts her feather inside of her straw, leaving just a small piece of feather sticking out. "this is like a paint brush" she says, "can we paint with them?"
sure thing, girly.
so both awana and soccer fall on the same night. 4:30-5:30 and 6:00-8:00.

we had our first taste of that tonight and i'm exhausted.

i suppose the silver lining is that wednesday afternoons/evenings are busy, but then all of our other evenings are free.

besides, peanut butter sandwiches taste better in the car :)

(i published this and then came back to say that i now feel a bit whiny. i have many friends who take many children to many places on any given night during the week. hats off to you! )


Courtney said...

that's a LOT for your family...with 3 little kids...but it IS nice to have the other evenings free!

lindsayw4 said...

Like Avery's soccer shirt, cool you saved that!

The Moffats said...

love your ambition. we decided not to do awanas or soccer because it was all feeling a little too cramped with our other commitments. I am totally regretting not doing awanas but I suppose I will get over it. boo. good for you for just making it happen.